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A Bright New World

We feel so sad when those we love. Are touched by deaths dark hand,
But it would ease our sorrow, If we could but understand
That death is just a gateway, That all men must pass through
And on the other side of death, In a world that's bright and new,
Our loved ones wait to welcome us, To that land free from tears
Where joy becomes eternal, And time is not counted by years

--Helen Steiner Rice


Special Tribute Pages

Jessica Delo,  Donna Moore  and Harold Divan

Click on the arrows to advance the memorial plaques. To see the plaque click on the thumbnail of the image. If all the images won't load then try refreshing the page. This page has many graphics. God Bless



Jessica Delo

I sure do miss you and thank God for sending you into my life and for your parents for sharing you with us. (\0/) huggs

If you would like to submit a name to the Memorial Wall, then please E-Mail Webmaster with details We will get to it as soon as possible. You can also receive a copy of the plaque if you would like. Just let me know. There are a variety of memory plaques that we can make and if you would like a picture, then please let me know and we can do something up special for you.  I don't accept downloads, so please send images via a link.

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